Alumni Fakultas Sastra

No Nama NPM Judul Skripsi
1 ALFREDO ALEXANDER K 121061013010791 The Symbol As Representation Of Hidden Meaning In The Novel Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Rings By J.R.R Tolkien
2 JANNAH NUR NAIMAH 121061013010803 The Effect Of Verbal Abuse To Belle's Personality In The Belle Movie By Amma Asante
3 SEPRIYANI TUMBIRI 131061013010821 Anxiety As A Trigger Of Committing Suicide In The Novel Me Before You By Jojo Moyes
4 AGUS KURNIAKIM 131061013010891 The Typological Personality Of Sherlock Holmes In A Case Solving In The Novel Study In Scarlet By Conan Doyle
5 RENDY ADZANA 141010907 The Representation Of Perturbation To The Social Condition Of The Song Lyrics In The John Lennon's Album Some Time In New York City
6 NOR FATIMAH 141010916 The Taboo Words Used As Mockery Terms In Deadpool Max Volume 1 Comic By David Lapham
7 MIRA DIAH RAHAYU 141010920 The Effects Of Personality Disorder To The Intellectual Decisions By The Main Character In Black Swan Movie
8 YULIYANTI 141010931 The Effects Of Slang Word To Maxim Violation In The Novel The Duff : Designated Ugly Fat Friend By Kody Keplinger
9 ANGELA REVENI SAMSON 141010966 The Main Character's Death Instinct Leading To Suicide In The Novel All The Bright Places By Jannifer Niven
10 WIWIN WIJAYA 151010994 Face Threatening Acts In Verbal Communication Indicating Threaten In The Novel Herman Hesse's Demian
11 RAUDAH ARSANTI 151010995 Code Mixing As Communicative Function In The Novel Sold For Silver By Janet Lim
12 DARA ELIZABET ALINDA 151010996 The Influence Of The Symbols Of The Virtue In The Novel The Alchemist By Paulo Coelho
13 ERI YULIYANTI KADJAN 151010998 The Psychological Barrier Toward Devotion Of Relationship In The Novel The Notebook By Nicholas Sparks
14 OLYVIA ANGELLINA WINATA LIEM 151010999 The Impact Of Code Switching Usage Towards Prestige In Just Alvin Talk Show In 2013-2014
15 YUSHI APRINDAH PUTRI 151011000 The Feature Of Female Language Support Communication Style To The Novel Love Rosie By Cecelia Ahern
16 RADITA SYAMRIA MARYANI 151011002 The Effect Of Speech Acts Toward Behavior In The Real Steel Movie Directed By Shawn Levy
17 IBNU RIFALDI 151011010 The Influence Of Nihilist Attitude Towards Academic Performance In The Art Of Getting By Movie By Gavin Wiesen
18 ERWINSYAH AGUSTA 151011011 The Functions Of Self-Defense Mechanism Toward Anxiety In Unbreakable Movie By M. Night Shyamalan
19 ANISA ZAKHINAH BURHAN MANDARAMA 151011012 The Social Belongingness As The Need To The Interpersonal Feelings In The Novel Fangirl By Rainbow Rowell
20 ANITA RAHAYU 151011014 The Usage Of Taboo Word To Portray The Political Views In Eminem Songs Lyrics From 2002 - 2017
21 NURLIANI 151011015 The Patriarchy System As The Trigger Of Sexual Coercion In The Novel Moxie By Jennifer Mathieu
22 NIA NELLA OMBUH 151011017 The Use Of Code Switching To Show Empathy In Breakout Music Program On Net Tv
23 NURFI HANIYATUS SAIDAH 151011020 The Transformation Mode As Interpretation Of Text To Reveal Better Life In The Novel Veil Of Roses By Laura Fitzgerald
24 CAHAYA NUR HIKMAH 151011021 Metaphorical Expressions As A Portray Of Anxienty Through Thematic Poem Poet's Talk A Collected Poem By Eve Merriam
25 ZAIN NABILAH ANJANI 151011024 The Relation Of Maxim Flouting Use To Illocutionary Function Of Politeness In 12 Years A Slave's Movie
26 NERRY ANJELINA 151011027 Feudalist Symbols Towards Behavior In The Novel The Girl Who Came Home By Hazel Gaynor
27 STELA AYU SARI 151011028 Feudalist Symbols Towards Behavior In The Novel The Girl Who Came Home By Hazel Gaynor
28 IKA NOVIA SRI HARYANTI 151011029 The References Of Using Deixis In The Novel The Kite Runner By Khaled Hosseini
29 NETTY NUURYUNIA RAHAYU 151011030 Guiltiness As Trigger Factor Of Personality Alteration In Percy Jackson: The Last Olympian Novel By Rick Riordan
30 TERY ANGELA MONICA 151011031 Self Defense Mechanism As An Overcoming Tool Of Anxiety In The Novel Me Before You By Jojo Moyes
31 AYU ASMIDAH 151011042 Chaotic Reaction As A Result Of Taboo Words Usage In The Bad Boys II Movieby Michael Bay
32 MUTMAINAH ASHARI 151011043 Revealing The Social Values Through Signs In The Novel Paper Towns By John Green
33 EVIN ISTIQOMAH ARISANDY 151011046 The Maxim Violation As A Potray Of Personality In The Novel The Three Button Trick And Other Stories By Nicola Barker
34 IKE RAHAYU 151011052 The Effects Of Oppression To Personality In The Novel Thirteen Reasons Why By Jay Asher
35 GIUSTI AYU TANTI SARASWATI 151011054 The Influences Of Gender Stereotypes To Womens Emancipation In The Movie Bend It Like Beckham
36 ELIA VIANISA RISMADITA 151011057 Social Conflicts Between Domination Class And Subjection Class In Mockingjay Novel By Suzanne Collins
37 REITA ROSANA 151011063 The Impacts Of Introvert Attitude Personality Towards Social Relationship In Carrie The Novel By Stephen Edwin King
38 INDIRA KARINA PUTRI 161011111 The Effect Of Learning Disabilities Of A Dyslexic Toward Social Relationship In Like Stars On Earth Movie By Aamir Khan
39 ENYTA MAYANTI 161011140 Sexual Violence As An Impact Of Women Discrimination In The Novel Princess More Tears To Cry By Jean Sasson
No Nama NPM Judul Skripsi