Translation Mining Oil and Gas workshop 2019 by Anna Wikshmadhara held in Universitas Balikpapan on 21-22nd April 2019.The Workshop attended  about 30 participants who spread from semester 2 until  semester 6. On the fist day Ms. Anna explain about the industry of translator based on the data form minister industry 2019 that says about Mining and Oil Sector has decided into several part. Ms. Anna also explained about the constitution of Indonesia number 24 in 2009 that says about the obligation of using Indonesian Language for legal document and etc. Moreover, Ms. Anna also add about the commercial or the fee of being a Translator, from English into Indonesian Language it cost RP. 200.000 per page or Rp.50-Rp.1.500  per words.

On second days Ms. Anna start with several questions also the tips and tricks to translate and how to be the freelancer translator on internet.